Monday, April 4, 2011

Exposure Photo and Video: Wedding Photographers in Laguna

From a small video and photographic service, we have become a name to reckon with in field of video documentary and professional photography with a wide span of clientele from here and abroad. We actually started in 1995. We got our first exposure as a member of a pioneering group of professionals that started Cable Television production in San Pablo City and the neighboring towns of Laguna.

There was no stopping since our first TV production got on air.

While doing television, we ventured into commercial and industrial documentary productions, with such local and local-based international organizations. Our client list includes the Korean and Philippine plant quarantine services, Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting Project, and Forest Product Research and Development Institute-Department of Science and Technology.

We have also served a host of individuals from the politics and industry, companies, private and public organizations with our professional services. The roster includes CebuGems, a fast-rising basketball team under the aegis of Cebuana Lhuillier, the academe and San Pablo-based business organizations.

The appeal to serve as varied an individual interest as weddings, debuts and high-end parties, and the increasing demand of people and places for an exposure that each will keep for a lifetime has provided us at Exposure creative challenge: how to capture beyond the moving picture each precious pose of an individual's most precious moment. At weddings and debuts, our pictures—whether in full color regalia, in sepia, in special black-and-white hues—show our extreme love for photographic work.

Our team of professional photographers and videographers has been so trained with a keen eye for detail, you can see a tear fall from a blushing bride. The breaking of joyous pride as the groom breaks into some roguish smile. The blush on a debutante's cheek.

Our product shots are executed from as many exposures as possible even beyond the client's order to meet their need for the best exposure that these products deserve in the competitive market.

We just don't shoot. We share our expertise honed by years of increasing responsibilities in creative photography and video work.
We give you a most appealing exposure that you will certainly treasure and take pride with the changing time and seasons.